Venice At 6am
Italy, Veneto, Venice

Venice, Italy is renowned for the beauty of its setting, its architecture, its artworks, and of course being built on the marshy Venetian Lagoon. Most of all Venice is know for it gondolas and romantic setting. It is one of the largest tourist destinations with averaging 50,000 tourist visit Venice each day, making the streets, plaza's, bridges, walkways, and side streets constantly crowded with people.

So how does one get to experience a peaceful walk through the city, enjoy the serenity and romance of Venice without all the tourist during the day? Since most will stay a few days in Venice, it is MUST to get up at 6:00am in the morning and stroll through the city.

Why 6:00am? The city is just starting to wake up. Produce and products are being shipped to stores via gondolas, hidden coffee shops are opening for the locals just starting their day. And most of all, the streets and plazas are empty. There is a special something in the air at that time. Most wouldn't think of a romantic stroll at 6:00am can take place, but one will see an entirely different side of Venice. A moment that will last a lifetime!

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