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Woodinville Whiskey Barrel Kit Just because you don’t own a distillery doesn’t mean you can’t make your own whiskey. Woodinville Whiskey has an "Age Your Own Whiskey Kit" to provide all you need to age whiskey in much less time than you may think. Whiskey starts its life as a clear, nearly flavorless spirit. It’s the aging process in a barrel that provides the beautiful brown color and most of the smooth, smoky flavor. The The kit comes with a desktop-sized 2L charred oak barrel, two 750ml bottles of “white dog” un-aged whiskey, a funnel, two tasting glasses, and clear instructions.

It is very simple, swell the barrel with water to make the barrel watertight, then drain, pour in the young whiskey, and wait. The high proportion of surface area to volume allows the whiskey to age in three to six months what would normally take a few years. Before and After

The best part is that one can taste the whiskey throughout the aging process to see at what stage they prefer the taste of their own whiskey. Stop at any time or wait longer for a darker, richer more flavorful whiskey. One will be amazed at the flavors after only 2 weeks.

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Web: http://www.woodinvillewhiskeyco.com
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