Mystic Seaport Music Festival
United States, Connecticut, Stonington / June


Mystic Seaport Music Festival Mystic Seaport is proud to host the Sea Music Festival, one of the world’s premier sea music events. Thousands of people gather each year to hear Mystic Seaport's Chantey Staff along with performers from around the globe carry on the classic musical traditions of the Golden Age of Sail. There is featured music from maritime cultures around the world, including the United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Australia, Iceland, Poland, Netherlands, France, Canada and Africa, as well as native peoples within the United States.

The weekend's festivities include concerts, special performances for children, instructional workshops, and a unique opportunity to witness sea music at work aboard the Museum's historic vessels. The festival also features the Music of the Sea Symposium, a two-day program that explores the interaction between sea, music, and song.


Contact Info - Mystic Seaport Music Festival
Address: 75 Greenmanville Avenue, Stonington, Connecticut, United States
Phone: (888) 973-2767

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