Selecting The Right Hotel

Selecting The Right Hotel There are many hotels, motels, B&B's and Inns to choose from and each with different ratings and prices. Finding the right one depends on several factors that depend on what, where and why you are in need of a place to stay:

  • Why is the trip being taken?

  • What is the budget?

  • Why choose different hotels?

Why is the trip being taken?

Selecting a hotel can be based on the trip itself. Is it to slow down and relax, or site-see and burn out as tourists. Depending on what one wants to get out of the trip, can determine the hotel select.

What is the budget?

Set a budget on the hotel spending and try to stick to it. There is always the option to book ahead of time or walk-in and see what's available. Either way, try to know what the prices are in the area being visited, to get an idea what is available to stay within budget.

Why choose different hotels?

The hotel can be based on what a person wants to get out of the trip, how much they are willing to spend, and when they want to spend it (beginning, middle, or end of the trip). On long trips mix it up with some budget hotels/motels, some 3-4 star hotels, and a 5-star hotel, if possible. It is always nice to try to target the 5-star hotel towards the end of a trip. If booked any other time, one risks comparing all other hotels to the 5-star and the rest of the trip will feel like a let down.

Targeting one exclusive Hotel brand/chain while traveling to multiple cities may not work, since they may not have hotels in every city being visited. In the end, choose what is best for the budget, the location, and the brand one prefers.