Prior To Hotel Arrivial

Arriving at Marhall, Bishopton, Scotland These are some tips that can be used to make a trip or a stay go smooth prior to arriving at any hotel. There is nothing worse that arriving at a hotel only to begin the stay with problems. This can include:

Double Check Confirmation: If this is a special occasion, the hotel is out of the state or country, double check the confirmation, so there are no mishaps when arriving.

Establish Relationship: Whether it is over the phone or through email. Make sure to try to establish a relationship with someone, it may help at check-in to get upgrades, discounts, or maybe a little extra something. If the staff knows you before you check-in, they may make everything even more special for you, and they will already be aware of your expectations.

When emailing/talking to the hotel to try and establish a relationship with one of the workers, convey the excitement you have to stay with them. Inform them how special this stay will be (anniversary, special time with your significant other you haven't been with each other in a long time) and how you are looking for a quiet stay with a beautiful view of the wonderful city they are in. Mention how you are looking forward to room service, the restaurant, spa services, and anything else that says you want to spend "$$$$$" at their hotel. (It doesn't mean you have too, you just want too)

  • Concierge: Email or contact the Concierge if you need anything. Even though you haven't checked in, let them know that you will be and they will already start treating you like a guest. They can arrange shuttle service or let you know what to expect from a taxi ride to/from the hotel.They can even help get you tickets to a shows and reservations to restaurants and other service needs.

  • Follow Up Email: A day or two before you arrive ask for contact info for the spa, concierge and any great special restaurants on the way to hotel. The point is for them not to forget about you.

How to Self Park when it's Valet Only: Many hotels are Valet only. You paid a lot money for your vehicle and you may not want anyone to drive or park your vehicle. If you really want to self-park when the hotel has a Valet Only policy, you can try to use the following steps (in a calm and understanding voice) on the day before or on the day of your check-in. It is best to follow these steps when you are still within the cancellation period:

  • Call and speak to the hotel manager (or the valet manager) on duty. ALWAYS get their name for reference when you arrive. Valet's may not believe you if you say you have the approval of the manager.

  • Explain to the manager how much you are looking forward to this special stay at the hotel and you were recently made aware of the valet only policy, but you have a policy of your own. While you have no issue in paying the valet fee, you do not allow anyone to drive your vehicle.

  • Ask if there is anything that can be done to work through this minor issue so the stay doesn't start out with a bad experience before you even get there.
    • If they cannot offer any solutions, ask if it is possible for you to drive the vehicle with a valet in the passenger seat directing you where to park. Some hotels do allow this.
    • If they claim that it is an insurance issue. Tell them you will sign or present a waiver not holding them liable to harm that is bestowed upon you. You can also show proof of both vehicle insurance and personal insurance
    • If they say they will be careful with the car, explain how a valet once went on a joy-ride in your vehicle or you found items missing or damaged.

  • Total up they amount of your stay and the amount that it cost to Valet your vehicle. Then ask the manager if the hotel wants lose $$$$ (alot of money) in your stay over the small amount in valet fees. Let the manager know that you are prepared to cancel the stay if they can not work with you.

  • If at this point if they still won't budge, ask to speak to someone that can cancel your reservation. This may call their bluff, or they just don't care. Either way, their city is filled with lots of other hotels. Thank the manager for their time and decide on your own what your next step is.