McDonalds Mc 10:35
United States, California, San Bernardino


McDonalds Mc 10:35 Sandwich The McDonalds Mc 10:35 is a sandwich that can only be had at exactly 10:35am on weekdays. The other catch is that you must make it yourself. Confused yet? At 10:35am on weekdays is the only time one can order from both the breakfast and the normal menus at the same time.

The Mc 10:35 is made from part Egg McMuffin and part McDouble hamburger. Order one of each. Take the top bun off of the McDouble and replaced it with the Egg McMuffin minus the bottom muffin. Remove the pickles all together, the sandwich doesn't work with them included.

That's it, Enjoy the Mc 10:35 McDonalds Mc 10:35 Sandwich

Contact Info - McDonalds Mc 10:35
Address: 14th And E Streets (Store #1), San Bernardino, California, United States

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